ImagiMates are lovable latex characters that capture hearts and imaginations of adoring fans of all ages. Since they have squishy bodies, googly eyes and fluffy hair, ImagiMates can be used for a wide variety of reasons such as a paperweight, travel buddy, stop motion character, stress ball totem, or simply a unique gift that creates happiness. Whatever the use, the shape-ability of ImagiMates inspires imagination and creativity making it an educational and therapeutic all-in-one ball of fun!

ImagiMates are often used in therapy, sold in retail shops, used as school fundraisers or customised as corporate gifts. Each ImagiMate is handmade from 100% biodegradable latex and corn. The stretchy rubbery outer skin can be shaped into many animated forms and rolled back into a ball again to be re-shaped. Our YouTube Channel regularly updates and showcases new ways to make various faces and is intended to inspire ImagiFans to make unique shapes.

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Sometimes we need a reminder from the animal kingdom of how special we are and how special we can be… the ImagiMates Animals do just that when used as totems. Just like animals, we all make an impact on our environment in our own unique way, with our different personalities, habits and characteristics, sometimes we just need to put our hearts and thoughts in the right place to channel our actions to remind us of the outcome we desire. You will find the unique characteristics of our Cow ImagiMate below.

Use your ImagiMate as a totem by researching the animal’s qualities then shaping your ImagiMate to resemble that animal. By glancing upon your shaped totem ImagiMate, it will serve as an instant visual reminder for you to focus and create constructive characteristic associations to help you reach your goals. This is done through the power of positive thought and attraction. See if it works for you?

Totem Description

The white ImagiMate Snout is shaped into a cow. The cow is a common symbol for joy, gratitude and family, peacefully going about its day. The cow is a social animal, making it a good totem to symbolise building a happy home and remembering to live in the moment.


Selfless. Calm. Gentle. Nurturing. Loving


Community. Potential. Appreciation. Gratitude. Joy

Totem Power

Learn to be more easy-going. Positive and happy home environment. Changes towards happiness. Focus on living in the moment. Remember to not take small moments for granted.


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