Blue ImagiMates


The Matte Range consists of bright and bold colours with a non-glossy finish. Matte ImagiMates come in a wide variety of different colours designed to speak to every personality type. From bright quirky colours like pink, purple, yellow and orange to more neutral monochrome colours like stone, brown and black, each latex colour tone evokes its unique appeal and charm.

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Blue ImagiMates can become anything you choose for them to be. Each ImagiMate is handmade from 100% biodegradable latex and corn. The stretchy rubbery outer skin can be shaped into many animated forms and rolled back into a ball again to be re-shaped. ImagiMates are often used in therapy, sold in retail shops, used as school fundraisers or customised as corporate gifts.

Our YouTube Channel regularly updates and showcases new ways to make various faces and is intended to inspire ImagiFans to make unique shapes. Let’s see your imagination creations! Join in on the fun and share joy, show us your ImagiMate by tagging us on social media or using our WhatsApp number.

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Hair Colour

Black, Lime, Orange, Red, Yellow


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