Instructions and Tips

How to get involved

Delimeter 150

Join in on the fun and contribute to the joy and meaning of what ImagiMates are. Let us into your imagination and share your experience. What did you and your ImagiMate end up doing?

Did your take it on a vacation? Did you put it on your desk? Did you make a stop motion video with it?

Step 1

Do something creative with your ImagiMate

Step 2

Take pics or videos of your new mate’s adventure

Step 3

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How to make the basic face

Delimeter 150
Step 1 Basic Face
Step 4 Basic Face
Step 2 Basic Face
Step 5 Basic Face
Step 3 Basic Face
Step 6 Basic Face
  1. Keep the eyes and hair firmly in place while stretching out the rest of the ImagiMate into a flat oval shape.
  2. Using one thumb, slowly push from the back to the front while using the rest of your fingers to keep the ImagiMate in place. A lump should appear just below the nose.
  3. While holding the ImagiMate in place with your one hand, use your fingers to stretch the lump outwards. This will set the nose in place.
  4. Using both of your thumbs, make a dent for the mouth.
  5. Now make the lips stretch outward.
  6. Press the dent closed and make it smile or frown.

How to make a stop motion video

Delimeter 150

Download the TikTok app for simple user-friendly video editing. The TikTok app has taken the social media world by storm with over 1 billion downloads. With its easy-to-use graphic effects, filters, features and unlimited musical library, making a stop motion video with your ImagiMate is easier than ever and very amusing!

  1. Open the TikTok app
  2. Tap the “+”. This brings you to the camera.
  3. Add a song- select a song from the list this will help you to get your timing right to the song
  4. Change the duration you wish: anything from 60secs to 15secs.
  5. Tap on “Speed” (if not already selected), then choose “1x”.
  6. Keep your phone still. In order to film stop motion, you need to be able to hold your phone steady so a tripod will be best.
  7. Set up the frame. Position your ImagiMate.
  8. Double tap on the red button. This will record a frame. Reposition your ImagiMate into a new form and double tap again.
  9. Repeat the above two steps until you reach the video of desired length. Then tap the checkmark.
  10. Edit video, add stickers, effects, filters and text.
  11. Tag Imagi_Mates. Add a post description and use #imagimates. You can now post your video for everyone to see on TikTok.
  12. For more information on how to use TikTok, read the following article.

Sculpting Tips

Delimeter 150

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Nose Tip

When trying to make a nose, try flattening your ImagiMate a bit first. Only once flat, attempt to gently push a lump through from the back to the front using your thumb. Once you have a lump, you can then pull the nose out further with your fingers to set the nose in position. If you do not flatten the ball first, you will over stretch the latex when pushing your thumb through when you try get the nose to stick out, so making it flatter is key. Use your fingertips to define edges.


ImagiMate latex is made from natural 100% biodegradable latex rubber. The corn inner is also biodegradable. Due to natural environmental breakdown of latex (decomposes as fast as an oak leaf) it is inevitable that one day the exterior will perish due to time and natural environment factors. The eyes, hair and packaging are PLASTIC, so please try not to dispose of them in the bin.

Why not try superglue them onto a rock which has been painted the same colour as your ImagiMate? Keep it for yourself or give it to someone as a gift to make them smile. Upcycle the packaging by repurposing it as sweet jar, a container for earbuds, an ImagiPedestal or ImagiHome etc. If you cannot recycle/upcycle the packaging, consider disposing by using an Ecobrick instead.

Craft Idea

Do you want to preserve your ImagiMate for years? Coat your ImagiMate in epoxy resin with a paintbrush to preserve the latex from breaking down. This will allow the form to stay intact for years. Allow each thin layer to dry using a paintbrush. After 2-3 thin layers of resin, you will have a one-of-a-kind ornament to decorate a shelve or desk.

Side note: It is fragile, squeezing is not possible because it will crack the thin resin coating and ruin the glazed effect. Same if squashed or dropped. But if handled with care, it looks great as a decoration and makes a totally unique gift. Be sure to avoid coating the hair and eyes in the resin. Only coat the latex. Adult supervision is necessary for children when working with epoxy resin. Dispose responsibly once coated in epoxy resin.

Expert Tips

Keep the eyes and hair firmly in place when shaping or stretching the other areas, do not put tension on the hair and eye area. Slowly push and lightly pull your ImagiMate to avoid tearing. Always make your ImagiMate back to a round shape before trying to make another face or form.


Small parts could be a choking hazard, not suitable to children under 3 years old, store responsibly when not in use.

Keep your ImagiMate in a round shape as often as possible, especially overnight.

Keep out of direct sunlight.

Keep away from any form of heat.

What NOT to Do

NEVER twist!

Do not eat, cut or over stretch.

ImagiMates have a limit, no need to be rough.

ImagiMates are not long nail or sharp object friendly.

Discontinue using if the inner starts to show through the latex.


Clean surface dirt off the ImagiMate with waterless hand cleaner

If it feels “sticky” afterwards, you can add talcum powder/corn starch

If it looks “dull” in colour, you can add a silicone to the latex to preserve and protect the shine