ImagiMates Pilot Video Animation

Delimeter 150

A self-financed collaboration has produced a 5-minute pilot animation which has been inspired off the back of our beloved ImagiMates craft. When picked up, the ImagiMates animation will be a progressive series with established educational core values and moral themes showing the importance of working together, using one’s imagination, practical thinking, forming friendships and ultimately teaching the importance of looking after the environment and each other.

The animation pilot was originally targeted at children ages 3-6 years old. Positively, we have received constructive feedback from international entertainment houses and we will be re working this pilot episode to include the new changes to the script and the series.

At this point, we would really value our ImagiFans feedback. Comment and subscribe through our YouTube channel or send us a WhatsApp and let us know what you think.

Please note that we will be reworking this pilot with a few MAJOR changes so please read through those changes which are highlighted below before providing us with feedback.


Audience: Target audience may shift slightly

Theme: Episodes will have more focus on environmentally sustainable themes

Names: Changing the character names to unique fantastical ones.

Voices: We will be replacing the current voices, possibly with children’s ones.

Gender: The characters will be gender neutral leaving interpretation of each character up to the viewer.

Focus: The episodes will be straight to the point with a more focused outcome and underlying moral lesson.

Characters: Characters will be clearly defined with unique active roles.

Animation Tree ImagiMates
Animation Concert ImagiMates
Animation Ferry ImagiMates