About ImagiMates

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ImagiMates were born out of passion for travel, creativity and adventure. What started as a casual hobby soon became a full-time travel job once the founder of ImagiMates realised the demand from the public exceeded her highest expectations. Once you have your own ImagiMate, it won’t come as a surprise when your light-hearted playful side emerges… after all, ImagiMates aim to inspire and CREATE HAPPINESS.

ImagiMates can be used as a roaming travel buddy, stop motion character, desk paperweight or a functional stress ball for a grumpy mate. When positioned as a shape-shifting totem, ImagiMates can assist you to reach certain goals through positive character association.

Whatever the application, ImagiMates do one thing well! THEY MAKE YOU HAPPY AND THEY MAKE YOU SMILE!


“Be part of our ImagiMates journey. Post your pics or videos and submit your adventures via WhatsApp or social media.

Show us your latest face, create a stop motion movie or make it dance to a song using the TikTok app. Are you a travel bug? Let’s see how far our ImagiMates travel. Tag us on Instagram and Facebook in various locations and help be part of the mission to spread creativity, positivity, imagination and fun.

About the Imaginator

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Shay is a vibrant social thinker with an unyielding enthusiasm for life and people. Harnessing her entrepreneurial talent soon after leaving school, Shay put her passion for travel to task and spent over 4 years exploring different locations all over South Africa while selling her craft at stores, schools and festivals. After setting up basecamp in Cape Town, her creative love was put on hold for a few years while exploring other career opportunities, but she never gave up the idea that one day she would take ImagiMates to the next level.

Welcome to the next level. Welcome to ImagiWorld!

New world of uninhibited wonder that aims to capture hearts while promoting imagination, happiness and travel, three of Shay’s favourite things.

Shay ImagiMator

Shay Favit

Founder and Imaginator

ImagiMates Ate My Homework

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